Biggs Site

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Biggs Site
15 Gp 8
Portsmouth Works Group C Squier and Davis 01.jpg
Group C of the Portsmouth Earthworks by Squier and Davis
Biggs Site is located in Kentucky
Biggs Site
Location within Kentucky today
Location South Shore, KentuckyGreenup County, Kentucky USA
Region Greenup County, Kentucky
Coordinates 38°44′8.70″N 82°54′11.92″W / 38.7357500°N 82.9033111°W / 38.7357500; -82.9033111
Cultures Adena culture
Site notes
Architectural styles earthworks
Responsible body: private

The Biggs Site (15Gp8), also known as the Portsmouth Earthworks Group C, is an Adena culture archaeological site located near South Shore in Greenup County, Kentucky. Group C was originally a large series of concentric circular embankments and ditches surrounding a central conical burial mound. It was part of a larger complex, the Portsmouth Earthworks located across the Ohio River, now mostly obliterated by agriculture and the developing city of Portsmouth, Ohio.[1] The site was surveyed and mapped by E. G. Squier in 1847 for inclusion in the seminal archaeological and anthrolopological work Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley.[2]

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