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Biikebrennen in Flensburg (2014)
Biikebrennen in Risum-Lindholm (2008)
Biikebrennen in Flensburg (2014)

The Biikebrennen (in German), Biikebrånen (in North Frisian) or Pers Awten (in Danish) is an annual celebration held on 21 February in North Frisia, in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and in Southern Jutland.

At Biikebrennen, nearly all North Frisian towns, and many isolated farmhouses as well, light their own bonfires, the biike, at or shortly after sunset.

The origin of Biikebrennen is unclear.

Every year on February 21, all North Frisian islands in Northern Germany and Southern Denmark, and their islets and coastal communities of Schleswig-Holstein bid winter farewell.

The meaning has changed over time. The ritual varies a little from island to island. But the tradition lives on.

Every community has their own Biike.

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