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Bijan RythmiK Williams is an American dancer, singer, songwriter, stylist, emcee, actor, model, choreographer, director, and photographer. He is President and CEO of RythmiK Motions Entertainment, established in 2005. He was born in Manhattan, New York on February 2. He has worked on projects with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, McDonald's, Pepsi, L'oreal and more.

Early life[edit]

Born in Manhattan, New York and moved to New Jersey as a child. He grew up in a family of doctors and lawyers and had planned to become a Pediatrician someday. He always loved music, citing his uncle as his earliest inspiration, directing an 80-person choir and a 10-piece band every Sunday in the Baptist church. He was heavily active in sports, favoring lacrosse and football. He was recruited to play on a collegiate level at Stevens Institute of Technology where he was pre-med. It was not until he was about 20 and met someone who introduced him to the world of professional dance that he began to consider it as a career. He took the same course for six months until he had perfected it.[citation needed]


In the late 1990s Bijan began learning about the entertainment business at Universal Talent, studying Film, Camera, and Television. In July 2000, he began his professional acting training at Oxford University in England, learning about Shakespeare and Scene Study. In 2002, Bijan began his professional Hip Hop training at Broadway Dance Center under the Rhapsody James. While at BDC he also learned from Amount Boyz, Jared Grimes, & Jermaine. By 2004 he was in L.A. training at Millennium with David Moore and Shane Sparks. From there he studied at The Edge with Kevin Maher and Leslie Scott, and then moved the Debbie Reynolds Studio to train under Phlex, Chuck Maldanado, Tricia Miranda, Dante, & Jayson Wright. Also in the early 2000s he began taking classes at Dance Designs Studio, learning ballet under Carol Baskinger, and by the time he left the school he was teaching classes.


Bijan's first big break was as a dancer in Jay-Z's "99 Problems" in 2004. In 2010, he co-produced and choreographed the music video for "Monster", starring Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross alongside director Jake Nava who also directed "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé.[1][2] Bijan has recently been added as the A&R and Celebrity Choreographer for Soul Diggaz [3]


Show Role Network Year
30 Rock Lion King Dancer NBC
Lipstick Jungle Featured NBC 2009
Law & Order Featured NBC
Gossip Girl CW
Will & Grace Groom NBC
Ricky Lake Show Model UPN
Maury Povich Re-enactment WPIX
MTV Hits VeeJay MTV
Room Raiders Lead MTV
Total Request Live Choreography Contest Winner MTV
BET Spring Bling Opening Act BET
Example Example Example Example
Example Example Example Example


Company Role Director/Choreographer Year
McDonald's Lead/Male Artist/Choreographer Dir: Joe Pitka 2008
Sirius Dancer Chor: Wade Robinson
Coca Cola (spec) Dancer Dir: Antonio Hudnell
SoBe "Thrillicious" Campaign NYC Live Michael Jackson Thriller Dancer


Event Role Location Year
Jim Jones Live Theatrical Show Example NYC Example
Jim Jones Stage Concert Example MTV 2 Example
One Life to Live Example Example Example
"Solid" Movie Premiere for Summer Johnson Example Beverly Hills, CA Example
Kari Bel - Faces In The Crowd Example Example Example
Choreographers Carnival Host & Choreographer NYC & LA Example
NY Music Festival Example Example Example
Greek Fest Example Example Example
Louie Devito Tour Example Example Example
Rampo College Example Example Example

Music videos - dancer[edit]

Title Role Year
By Gym Class Heroes' Travis & Cassie Davis Example Example
"99 Problems" by Jay-Z Dancer 2004
"Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now" by *Joss Stone feat. Common Example 2007
"Come Get It" by Yummy Bingham feat. JadaKiss Example 2007
"Boom" by Mario Example 2006

Music videos - choreographer[edit]

Title Role Year
Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West "We Run This Town" Choreographer 2009
Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj "Monster" Choreographer 2010
Example Example Example


Title Role Director Year
The Interpreter Protester Sidney Pollack 2005
The Life of Diana Ross Waiter Example Example
Fighting Channing Tatum's crew Didio Montiel 2009
Drona (Bollywood) Principal dancer Golie Behl; Chor: Rajeev Surti 2008
Cashmere Mafia Example Example 2008
Step Up 3D Battle scene John Wu 2010


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