Bijela gora

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Cirque Borovi do in the north at Bijela gora

Bijela gora (Montenegrin, in Serbian Cyrillic: Бијела гора, pronounced [bîjelaː ɡǒra], English translation: "White mountain") is a karstic high plateau between 1200–1500 m on the northern side of Orjen in Montenegro. At 1862 m, Velika Jastrebica is the highest summit. It bears heavy glacial traces as a huge ice cap covered it during the last ice age.

Sparsely inhabited pastures and vast virgin beech-fir forests are major resources. Also endemic Dinaric calcareous Silver Fir forests are found at Bijela gora with rare endemic plants. Wildlife is characterised by few brown bears and rare wild goat. Deer and boars are common throughout the range.

The Medugorje at 1769 m from Jeloviste

Bijela gora is inhabited by Montenegrin tribes who belong to the Katun clans. Firs are sung in local songs, one of these describes the silver firs of Bijela gora:

Bjelogorske vite jele
što ste tako tamne
kô da ljeta nije bilo


Beautiful firs of Bijela gora
why are you so dark
as if there has been no summer

Coordinates: 42°35′06″N 18°34′12″E / 42.585°N 18.57°E / 42.585; 18.57