Bijoy Krishna Goswami

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Bijoy Krishna Goswami
Image of Bijoy Krishna Goswami
Religion Hinduism
Philosophy Vedanta
Born 2 August 1841
Shantipur, Bengal, British India
Died 1899

Bijoy Krishna Goswami (Bengali: বিজয় কৃষ্ণ গোস্বামী) (2 August 1841 – 1899)[1] was a prominent social reformer and religious figure and incarnation of Mahaprabhu Chaitanya [2] in India during the British period. He was a spokesman of the new Vaisnavite doctrine. Inspired by Debendranath Tagore he joined Brahma Samaj. In his lifetime Vijay Krishna visited various parts of India to preach Brahmoism. Later he followed different religious paths to attain the absolute truth . And even after doing so when He was unable to find the absolute truth He understood the importance of a Guru. He got initiated from Brahmananda paramhansa and attained the absolute truth. Later he himself preached the path of absolute truth to many.

Vijay Krishna was born on 2 August 1841[1] in Santipur, Nadia. His father, Ananda Kishore Goswami, was a great devotee. Vijay Krishna started getting education at Gobinda Goswami's tol in Shantipur. Later he came to Kolkata in 1859 and entered Sanskrit College. He also studied medicine in Kolkata medical college in a special Bengali medium medical course and got involved in a protest movement against the government. While he was in college, he read about Vedanta and developed interest in it. He met Debendranath Tagore in Kolkata and by his inspiration he joined Brahma Samaj.

Idol of Vijay Krishna

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