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Bike Calgary
Industry Cycling
Founded 2008
Calgary, Alberta
Headquarters CommunityWise Resource Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Area served
Website Bike Calgary

Bike Calgary is a member-based non-profit organization advocating for and promoting transportation cycling with over 1,300 members, based in Calgary, Canada.[1]


Bike Calgary was formed as an informal group of cyclists in 2005 and at first existed mainly as a website that served to disseminate information on cycling in Calgary, and incorporated as a non-profic society in 2008. In 2011, under the guidance of CivicCamp, Bike Calgary began to take on a broader advocacy role.[2][3]


Bike Calgary lobbied Calgary Transit to allow folding bicycles on buses and trains at all times, which it now does.[4] It has also been involved in the implementation of Calgary's Cycling Strategy.[5] In 2014, it led a successful campaign to implement a pilot network of protected bike lanes in Downtown Calgary and the Beltline.[6]

Cycling courses

Bike Calgary has developed and offers a one-day Urban Cycling Skills course for a nominal fee. It is based on the CAN-BIKE curriculum.[7][8]

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