Bike for Three!

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Bike for Three!
GenresAlternative hip hop
Underground hip hop
Years active2007-present
Fake Four Inc.
MembersBuck 65
Greetings from Tuskan

Bike for Three! is a "cross-continental collaboration" between Canadian alternative hip hop artist Buck 65 (born Rich Terfry) and Belgian producer Greetings from Tuskan (born Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê).[1][2][3]


Their debut album, More Heart Than Brains, was released on Anticon in 2009.[4]

While Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuskan have ongoing solo efforts, they say the band "should not be thought of as a side-project," and the album "NOT a one-off affair."[5] Though the two have never met in person,[6][7] they have been making music since 2007 after meeting through MySpace,[8][9] and the album has been "finished" since June 2008.[4][10] The album marks the first time that a Buck 65 album features completely electronic production.[9][11]

Their second album, So Much Forever, was released on Fake Four Inc. on February 11, 2014.[12]



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