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Bike to Work Week Victoria is an annual event held in communities throughout greater Victoria, British Columbia. It is organized by the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society. The purpose of the event is to encourage bicycle commuting. Bike to Work Week began in 1995. In 2008, the Bike to Work BC Society was formed as a legal entity to run the event in other communities around BC. Since its inception ridership in the yearly event has steadily increased, and in 2011 over 7000 people participated in Greater Victoria.

Bike to Work Week is first a marketing initiative and secondarily a cycling event. The behavior change (public health) model, relying on research conducted by both the provincial and federal governments that identified barriers to cycling and reasons for choosing cycling, was applied as a way to accomplish the goal of recruiting employees to bicycle to work.[1]

Bike to Work Week 2016 is May 30-June 5.[2]


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