Bikeman Island

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Bikeman is in the middle of Tarawa's lagoon
Nippon causeway, linking Bairiki and Betio

Bikeman Island is a submerged islet about a half-hour's canoe ride northeast of Betio, Kiribati. Due to changing currents and the construction of a causeway between Betio and Bairiki, Bikeman has been submerged since the early 1990s. If one were to stand on Bikeman today, the water would reach up to one's knees.[1] A picture of Bikeman circa 1976 is available on Flickr.

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  • That sinking feeling Honolulu Star-Bulletin April 20, 2001. Retrieved 2013-03-14. "A fisherman wades over land that was formerly above water. The lost island of Bikeman offers a vivid example of the danger facing Pacific islands as global warming causes rising waters."

Coordinates: 1°23′N 173°00′E / 1.383°N 173.000°E / 1.383; 173.000