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For places with similar names, see Bilaspur.
Bilaspur Province (1948 - 1950)
Bilaspur State (1950 - 1954)
State of India

Location of Bilaspur
1951 map of India showing Bilaspur State.
 -  Independence of India 1948
 -  Merged with Himachal Pradesh 1954
 -  1931 1,160 km2 (448 sq mi)
 -  1931 100,994 
Density 87.1 /km2  (225.5 /sq mi)
Today part of Himachal Pradesh, India

Bilaspur State was a state within the Union of India from 1950 to 1956 with Bilaspur town as its capital. The state was established after the province of the same name created in 1948.[1]

The 31st state of Bilaspur, which had been till then a separate entity under the control of the Chief Commissioner, was integrated with Himachal Pradesh on 1 July 1954 thereby adding one more district to the state.


Bilaspur State was formed out of the territory of former Princely State of Bilaspur, which became part of the Dominion of India on 12 October 1948 by the accession of its erstwhile Ruler, Raja Anand Chand of the Princely State of Kahlur a.k.a. Bilaspur.

Bilaspur was a Province, until it was established as a Class "C" State, named Bilaspur State on 26 January 1950 within the Republic of India. Class "C" States were under the direct rule of the Central Government.[1][2]


After 'The Himachal Pradesh and Bilaspur (New State) Act, 1954' was passed[3] by an act of Parliament Bilaspur State was dissolved on 1 July 1954 and incorporated into the State of Himachal Pradesh as Bilaspur district, with an area of 106,848 hectares.[1][4]

Himachal Pradesh State was another part-C state under a Lt. Governor. Initially it had a 36 member Legislative Assembly and the first elections to the Assembly had been held in 1952. In 1954, when Bilaspur was merged with Himachal Pradesh, the strength of its Assembly was raised to 41.[5]

Commissioners of Bilaspur State[edit]

H.H.Raja Sir Anand Chand KCIE,MP,MLA., Former Ruler of Bilaspur. Member Constituent Assembly of India (1947-48), Member First Lok Sabha (1952-1957), Member Rajya Sabha (1958-1970), Member of Legislative Assembly (Himachal Pradesh) (1977-1982); also First Chief Commissioner of the Chief Commissioner's State of Bilaspur (October 1948-2 April 1949).[1][2]

  1. M.S. Himmatsinhji, Chief Commissioner from 1950 - 1952[1]
  2. Chief Commissioner from 1952-54.

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