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Road sign at the entrance to Bilasuvar Rayon
Road sign at the entrance to Bilasuvar Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Bilasuvar Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Bilasuvar Rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Biləsuvar
 • Total 1,397 km2 (539 sq mi)
Population (2013)[1]
 • Total 94,400
Postal code 1300
Telephone code (+994) 25[3]

Bilasuvar (Azerbaijani: Biləsuvar) - is a rayon of Azerbaijan. Bilasuvar city is its administrative center.[4]


Total area of the rayon is equal to 1358 km2. Territory of the rayon occupies south-western and southern part of Mugan plain. The territory borders upon Imishli Rayon in the north for a distance of 53 km, Saatly Rayon in the south-west for a distance of 23 km, Sabirabad Rayon for a distance of 20 km, Salyan Rayon in the east for a distance of 23 km, Neftchala Rayon for a distance of 4 km, Jalilabad Rayon in the south for a distance of 54 km, and Iran in the south for a distance of 64 km. Total length of the borders is equal to 241 km.[5]

International customs post is in the territory of Bilasuvar Rayon.


A Persian historian Hamdullah Qazvini said that the ancient name was Pileh-Swar that in Persian means "the elephant-riding person ", named after one of the Buyid dynasty amirs. The name in Turkic means pure water falls, due to the area's numerous rivers, though given the largely flat terrain the reference to waterfalls is somewhat misleading.[6]

In 1930, Bilasuvar Rayon was created with a center in Pushkin Settlement. In 1938, the rayon was renamed to Pushkin Rayon.[6]

In 1963, the territory was united to Jalilabad Rayon, and since 1964, it becomes independent rayon again. After collapse of the USSR in 1991, returning its historic name, the rayon was renamed to Bilasuvar Rayon again.


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