Bilate River

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Bilate River
Country Ethiopia
Basin features
River mouth flows into Lake Abaya
6°37′54″N 37°59′6″E / 6.63167°N 37.98500°E / 6.63167; 37.98500Coordinates: 6°37′54″N 37°59′6″E / 6.63167°N 37.98500°E / 6.63167; 37.98500 (approx.)

The Bilate is a river of south-central Ethiopia. It rises on the southwestern slopes of Mount Gurage near 6°2′N 38°7′E / 6.033°N 38.117°E / 6.033; 38.117, flowing south along the western side of the Great Rift Valley, to empty into Lake Abaya at 6°37′54″N 37°59′6″E / 6.63167°N 37.98500°E / 6.63167; 37.98500. David Buxton recorded its importance as defining the boundary between the Sidamo district on the eastern side, and the Wolaita district on the western; he also describes finding a weekly market beside a ford named Dinto.[1]

This river is not navigable and it has no notable tributaries. Along the middle of its course the Bilate flows past the Bilate River volcanic field.

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