Bilca gas field

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Country Romania
Region Suceava County
Offshore/onshore onshore
Operator Aurelian Oil & Gas
Field history
Discovery 2000
Start of development 2000
Start of production 2006
Current production of gas 100×10^3 m3/d
3.7×10^6 cu ft/d 0.036×10^9 m3/a (1.3×10^9 cu ft/a)
Estimated gas in place 3×10^9 m3
107×10^9 cu ft

The Bilca gas field is a natural gas field located in Bilca, Suceava County. It was discovered in 2000 and developed by and Aurelian Oil & Gas. It began production in 2006 and produces natural gas and condensates. The total proven reserves of the Bilca gas field are around 107 billion cubic feet (3 km³), and production is slated to be around 3.7 million cubic feet/day (0.1×105m³) in 2010.[1]


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