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Bilenky Cycle Works is an American handmade bicycle manufacturer located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded by Stephen Bilenky, a member of the musical group The Notekillers, in 1983, BCW fabricates both frames and complete bicycles, ranging from TIG welded track bikes to intricately lugged tandems. BCW has been featured in many bicycle publications,[1] art shows,[2] and is a frequent winner of national awards.[3] Most Bilenky frames are steel although titanium is being used with more frequency. Bilenky has installed tens of thousands of S&S couplers, both in their own bikes and other brands.

Bilenky sponsors the Junkyard Cyclocross Race and co-sponsors the Philly Bike Expo.


Model Levels[edit]

All models come in the following versions:

  • Deluxe Series - tig welded construction, custom materials, braze-ons, and color results in a bike built just for the rider.
  • Signature - offers hand finished, fillet brazing, or silver brazed hand-detailed lugs.
  • Artisan - one-of-a-kind metal work that distinguishes each frame as a unique creation with specifications as determined by the riders' measurements, style, and intended use.


Bilenky Cycle Works is located at 5319 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19120.


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