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Bilge Ebiri (born 1973 in York) is a Turkish-American journalist and filmmaker. Currently, Ebiri is working for The Village Voice. His first feature film, a comedy thriller entitled New Guy, was released in 2004.


Ebiri studied film at Yale University, where his thesis film Bad Neighborhood won the Lamar Prize for Achievement in Film. After graduation, Ebiri worked as an assistant director for Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov on The Barber of Siberia. In 2003 he wrote, directed, and co-produced the low-budget feature film New Guy. It was released in 2004, and, after positive reviews in The New York Times and Variety, had a successful theatrical run in New York City. It was released on DVD in 2005 by Vanguard Cinema.


  • Bad Neighborhood (1995)
  • Infernal Racket (1996)
  • New Guy (2003)
  • Purse Snatcher (2006)
  • Görünmeyen (2011)


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