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City of regional significance
the Down Town of the city
the Down Town of the city
Flag of Bilyayivka
Coat of arms of Bilyayivka
Coat of arms
Bilyayivka is located in Ukraine
Location in Ukraine
Coordinates: 46°28′57.9″N 30°12′05.0″E / 46.482750°N 30.201389°E / 46.482750; 30.201389
Country  Ukraine
Oblast  Odessa Oblast
 • Total 14.554 km2 (5.619 sq mi)
Population (2015)[2]
 • Total 11,891
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 67600—604
Area code(s) +380-4852
Climate Cfa

Bilyayivka (Ukrainian: Біляївка, Russian: Беляевка) is a city in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. The city has a status of regional significance, also the administrative center of Bilyayivka Raion. The city is located in the Dniester Delta, on the left bank of the Turunchuk River. The Lake Safyany is located near by the city. Population: 11,891 (2015 est.)[3]


Antin Holovaty – the founder of the city

The populated place (village at that time) was founded by the Ukrainian Cossacks after the elimination of the Zaporizhian Sich. The village called Holovkivka was first mentioned at 1792. The settlers from the Poltava region were moved here in 1794. The first name of the settlement originated from the name of famous Ukrainian Cossack leader, cossack general judge Antin Holovaty. There are several versions of the name origin, but all the versions are connected with his name.

The village started to be a volost administrative center in the Odessa county in 1886. It had a population of 2917 people with 250 farm yards. There were two Orthodox churches, schools, six shops, and markets.[4] The river crossing over the Turunchuk River was here.

The settlement got the status of town on 2 January 1957, but since 1975 it get the status of city.[5]

Besides the Ukrainians, the city of Bilyayivka has a significant number of Germans, Bulgarians, Greeks and Romani.



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