Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant

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Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant
Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant.JPG
LocationBilibino, Chukotka
Coordinates68°3′1″N 166°32′19″E / 68.05028°N 166.53861°E / 68.05028; 166.53861Coordinates: 68°3′1″N 166°32′19″E / 68.05028°N 166.53861°E / 68.05028; 166.53861
Commission date1974
Nuclear power station
Reactor typeEGP-6
Power generation
Units operational3 x 12 MW
Units decommissioned1 x 12 MW[1]
Nameplate capacity36 MW
Capacity factor39.2%
Annual net output164.8 GW·h
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The Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant (Russian: Билибинская АЭС [About this soundpronunciation ]) is a power plant in Bilibino, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia. The plant is equipped with four EGP-6 reactors.[2] The plant is the smallest and the northernmost operating nuclear power plant in the world.[3] Plans to begin a shutdown procedure of the plant in 2019 have been announced,[4] and it will be replaced by the floating nuclear power station Akademik Lomonosov.[5]


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