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Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal was a cereal based on the Bill & Ted movies and cartoon of the late 1980s and early 1990s.[1][2] It was promoted with the branding slogan "A Most Awesome Breakfast Adventure".[3] The magazine Mental Floss ranked it first in their list of the 10 best marketing-inspired breakfast cereals.[4]

The cereal was made by Ralston Purina, which at the time sold food products for both humans and animals. The cereal was cinnamon-flavored and had mini music-themed marshmallows, although they resembled pieces of Kibbles 'n Bits.

While the cereal was sold, which was for only a short period, it offered many giveaways and promotions. One of the more prominent ones was "Hysterical Postcards," which were mini-postcards involving Bill & Ted and their trips through time.[5] Another notable promotion was a free audio-cassette holder, shaped in the image of the Phone Booth, and with a sticker depicting the cartoon versions of Bill and Ted on the front.[5]

The cereal was featured in a comedy bit on The Arsenio Hall Show.[4] When Alex Winter appeared on the show, Arsenio Hall asked Winter about the cereal. Hall then presented Winter with a box of the cereal, and challenged an audience member to eat a bowl, which he did.[6]


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