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William "Bill" Aucoin
Bill Aucoin 2008.jpg
Bill Aucoin, 2008
Born (1943-12-29)December 29, 1943
Ayer, Massachusetts
Died June 28, 2010(2010-06-28) (aged 66)
Aventura, Florida
Nationality American
Occupation Band manager
Partner(s) Roman Fernandez

William "Bill" Aucoin (29 December 1943 – 28 June 2010)[1][2] was an American band manager, well known for his work with the rock band KISS.


Born in 1943, Aucoin attended Northeastern University and graduated with a degree in film.[3] He worked at WGBH in Boston during his college years and after. Aucoin later worked at Teletape Productions as a cinematographer.[4] Credited with discovering KISS, Aucoin managed the group for nearly a decade. He was fired in 1982 due to a dispute about the band's appearance,[5] but later worked with the band on various DVD projects. He's also infamous for passing on legendary rock band Van Halen before the band was snapped up by Warner Bros..

Aucoin produced a television show called "Supermarket Sweep" in the early 1970s.[6] From 2005 to 2007, Aucoin went into the Broadway business with a staging of the Who's Quadrophenia, which showed intermittently for two years in Anaheim, CA and Los Angeles. Aucoin had re-entered the management business with his company, Aucoin Globe Entertainment, at the time of his death of surgical complications from prostate cancer. He is survived by partner Roman Fernandez and two sisters Betty Britton and Janet Bankowski.

List of acts managed[edit]

Kiss, 1973–1982
Piper 1975–1978
New England 1978–1981
Spider, 1979-1981
Manowar, 1981
Kid Rocker, 1981–1983
Billy Idol, 1979–1986
Endgames, 1983-1985
Brunette, 1988–1989
Rising Star, 1989–1990
Flipp, 1998–2003
Starz, 1977–1979
Crossbreed, 2003–2010
Lordi, 2006–2010
Nothing Rhymes with Orange, 2007–2010
Evan Saffer, 2007–2010
BEX, 2010
The Early Strike, 2010
Tantric, 2010
RoqueZa, 1998–2001
Dreaming in Stereo, 2010


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