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Bill Braudis is a writer, voice actor and script writing instructor from Boston, Massachusetts who has also done stand-up comedy. He started in stand-up in 1981, doing open mics at The Comedy Connection, in Boston and the Ding Ho, in Cambridge. A little over a decade later, Braudis made his first of 3 appearances on The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, which were soon followed up by two appearances on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." [1] Braudis has appeared in several Soup2Nuts programs, voicing the "amiable twit," Doug Savage in Science Court as well as voicing "Bill," in Hey Monie!. [2] Braudis also appeared in the first episode of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist and played "Dr. Meyers" on O'Grady. Braudis wrote for the award-winning "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist," the award-winning "Science Court," and the venerable Soup2Nuts series that ran on Cartoon Network "Home Movies." He also wrote for "Raising Dad," a short-lived sitcom on the WB Network, starring Bob Saget, Kat Dennings, Brie Larson and Jerry Adler. Braudis did a short stint on the Adult Swim's Death Metal cartoon, Metalocalypse thanks to his friend, Brendon Small and writer Tommy Blacha.

Besides Braudis's extensive TV writing, he has also written a feature film that was optioned and another that finished in the quarterfinals of the prestigious Nicholl Screenwriting Competition.

He lives with his wife, two children and dog in the suburbs of Boston and currently teaches TV and film writing in the Film and TV Department at Boston University.