Bill Bryson's African Diary

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Bill Bryson's African Diary
Doubleday, Bill Bryson, 2002, African Diary book cover.jpg
Cover of 2002 Doubleday hardback edition
AuthorBill Bryson
IllustratorNeil Gower
Publication date
Preceded byDown Under 
Followed byA Short History of Nearly Everything 

Bill Bryson's African Diary is a 2002 book by best-selling travel writer Bill Bryson. The book details a trip Bryson took to Kenya in 2002. Bryson describes his experiences there and observations about Kenyan culture, geography, and politics, as well as his visits to poverty-fighting projects run by CARE International, to which he donated all royalties for the book.[1]


In a review published in the Guardian Lionel Shriver was critical of the book's length, describing it as "less a book than a pamphlet". Shriver also disliked the book's tone, "a po-faced, gee-whizz sincerity ill-suited to a writer who has made his reputation for being light and wry (and even snide) in droll travel books."[2]