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Bill C. Malone (born August 25, 1934) is an American musician, author and historian specializing in country music and other forms of traditional American music, he is a noted scholar. He is the author of the 1968 book Country Music, U.S.A., the first definitive academic history of country music.[1] Malone is Professor Emeritus of History at Tulane University and now resides in Madison, Wisconsin.[2]


Malone was born on a cotton-growing tenant farm 20 miles west of Tyler, Texas in 1934 and grew up with music as "a constant companion".[3] After studying at community college, he enrolled in the University of Texas in 1956 and became a well-known singer in the Austin area, due in part to his encyclopedic repertoire of "hillbilly" songs he learned growing up.[3] He performed at Threadgill's beer joint in Austin and completed his Master's degree.[3] He was pleased when his faculty advisor suggested he write his doctoral dissertation on something he loved: "hillbilly", i.e., country, music.[3] His 1965 dissertation was published in 1968 as Country Music, U.S.A.[3]

Malone hosts a weekly radio show, "Back to the Country", on WORT–FM community radio in Madison, and performs country music with his wife, Bobbie Malone, playing mandolin and guitar.[4]


Malone was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1984 to assist his research in U.S. history.[5] In 2008, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for American Music.[6]

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