Bill Casselman

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Bill Casselman
Casselman in 1969
William Allen Casselman

(1941-11-27) November 27, 1941 (age 82)
Alma materPrinceton University
Scientific career
FieldsRepresentation theory
Automorphic forms
Geometric combinatorics
Structure of algebraic groups
InstitutionsUniversity of British Columbia
Doctoral advisorGoro Shimura

William Allen Casselman (born November 27, 1941) is an American Canadian mathematician who works in representation theory and automorphic forms. He is a Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia.[1] He is closely connected to the Langlands program and has been involved in posting all of the work of Robert Langlands on the internet.[2]


Casselman did his undergraduate work at Harvard College where his advisor was Raoul Bott and received his Ph.D from Princeton University in 1966 where his advisor was Goro Shimura. He was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in 1974, 1983, and 2001.[3] He emigrated to Canada in 1971 and is a Professor Emeritus in mathematics at the University of British Columbia.[1]


Casselman specializes in representation theory, automorphic forms, geometric combinatorics, and the structure of algebraic groups. He has an interest in mathematical graphics[4] and has been the graphics editor of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society since January, 2001.[5]


In 2012, he became one of the inaugural fellows of the American Mathematical Society.[6]

Selected publications[edit]

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