Bill Dance Outdoors

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Bill Dance Outdoors
Country of origin USA
Running time 60 minutes
Original network NBCSN
Original release 1968 – present
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Bill Dance Outdoors is a fishing television series hosted by retired professional tournament angler Bill Dance.

Each episode focuses on various aspects of recreational fishing techniques, usually targeting black bass species, such as Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, though does occasionally focus on other species such as Channel catfish and Bluegill. Each episode is about an hour long, and will occasionally include viewer mail, product advertisement, and tips & tricks segments along with the primary topic of the particular episode. The show has featured guest appearances by celebrities such as Terry Bradshaw, Hank Williams, Jr., Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, and many others.

The series began in 1968.[1] Initially it was on The Nashville Network (now known as Spike TV). It later moved to the Outdoor Life Network (now known as 'NBCSN' in the U.S.). Tony McClure is the executive producer.[1][2]

The show has produced four blooper videos showing outtakes and mishaps during filming of the show and related commercials, as well as the hijinks of some of Bill's friends, guests, film crew, and family members, which have been broadcast in several bloopers and outtakes television shows in the U.S. and overseas.[3]

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