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Bill Davis
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Genres Rock, Alternative Country, Roots rock, Cowpunk, Indie
Occupation(s) Singer, guitarist, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Years active 1984–present
Labels 688, Mammoth, Alternative Tentacles, Ichiban
Associated acts Dash Rip Rock

William "Bill" Davis (born New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He is the founder, lead guitarist, and lead vocalist of the rock band Dash Rip Rock, and a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.[1] Davis founded Dash Rip Rock in 1984 and is often credited as a pioneer in "country punk," "cowpunk," and alt-country music that combines elements of rock with country and outlaw country with punk rock, but Davis has said in interviews that he considers his music to be widely roots-based. His work has been inspired by a variety of styles, including rock, country, punk, power pop, punk, soul and, at times, Cajun.

The Austin Chronicle called him "the brains behind Dash’s brawn, a barroom poet with a wicked sense of humor and a shameless knack for a good lick."[2]

Other projects[edit]

Davis contributed guitar work and backing vocals on six songs on Glenn Tilbrook's (lead singer and guitarist of the British band Squeeze) solo album titled Transatlantic Ping Pong.[3] His guitar work is also featured on Mojo Nixon's Root Hog or Die, and on the country punk supergroup Otis album that featured John Doe, Bill Davis, and Country Dick Montana and was produced by Jim Dickinson.[4] He also was a guitarist for two years with Trent Summar and the New Row Mob. In 2013 Davis contributed guitar work and vocals on The Vibrators song "Rock N' Roll Clown" for their record On the Guest List.[5] In 2011 and 2014, Davis was a member and founder of the sometimes band Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All-Stars.[6][7] In 2012, he played lead guitar for a special show in New Orleans featuring Clarence "Blowfly (musician)" Reid, the grandfather of dirty rap.[8] In 2014 Punk News announced that Bill Davis would be appearing on lead guitar and lead vocals on a track on a forthcoming Black Oak Arkansas tribute album with Greg Ginn of Black Flag, Paul Leary and Jeff Pinkus of Butthole Surfers, Shooter Jennings, and others.[9]

In 2014, Davis was writing for both a forthcoming solo release and a new Dash Rip Rock record and playing live with Dash Rip Rock.[14] He spoke with a New Orleans journalist about some of his earliest guitar influences:

"A bunch of really strange guitar players I met in the 80s really influenced me. Danny Gatton, who committed suicide, was one of the most monstrous Telecaster players to ever walk the planet. Gatton worked with another guy I met named Evan Johns. They were both from Washington, D.C. and played in rockabilly bands, but the rockabilly kind of turned punk. Evan introduced me to Danny Gatton’s style," Davis said. "Going way back, I loved Ace Frehley from Kiss. It was really simple. I like guitar that has a country flavor. Pete Townshend is another one, and Bily Zoom from the band X really inspired the punk rock side of my style."[10]

In 2015, Davis formed an alt-country band called The Convergers. The band released their debut EP "Hang-Dog Hymns" on the Drag Snake label.

Selected discography[edit]

with Dash Rip Rock:

  • Dash Rip Rock (1987, 688 Records/Mammoth)
  • Ace of Clubs (1989, Mammoth)
  • Not of This World (1990, Mammoth) (Produced by Jim Dickinson)
  • Boiled Alive (1991, Mammoth)
  • Tiger Town (1993, Doctor Dream)
  • Get You Some of Me (1995, Sector Two/Ichiban)
  • Testosterone (1995, Australian-only release)
  • Dash Rip Rock’s Gold Record (1996. Ichiban)
  • Paydirt (1998, PC Music)
  • Hits and Giggles (2000)
  • Sonic Boom (2003, Write On)
  • Live from the Bottom of the Hill (limited release, 2003)
  • Recyclone (2005, Alternative Tentacles)
  • Hee Haw Hell (2007, Alternative Tentacles)
  • Country Girlfriend (2008, Abitian)
  • Black Liquor (2012, Alternative Tentacles)
  • "Wrongheaded" (2015, Drag Snake)
  • "Mutants of the Monster" (2016, Saustex)

with other musicians:

  • Mojo Nixon Root Hog and Die (1989, IRS)
  • Mojo Nixon, John Doe, Country Dick Montana, Eric Ambel Otis (1990, Enigma)
  • Swingin Haymakers For Rent (1995, Circle Records)
  • Trent Sumnar & The New Row Mob Live at 12th and Porter (2003, DCN Records)
  • Glenn Tilbrook Transatlantic Ping Pong (2004, Compass)
  • The Vibrators On The Guest List (2013, Cleopatra)
  • Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch and Soul All-Stars Walk on Jindal's Splinters (2015, Alternative Tentacles)
  • The Convergers "Hang-Dog Hymns" (2016, Drag Snake)
  • J.D. Pinkus, Greg Ginn, Eddie Spaghetti, Nik Turner, Rickie Lee Reynolds, Jim "Dandy" Mangrum, Shooter Jennings, Jeff Clayton, Paul Leary, Jello Biafra, Joey Killingsworth, Mickey Rafael, "Mutants of the Monster" (2016, Saustex)[11]


  • Outside Industry: The Story of SXSW
  • The Bad, the Rad, and the Mono
  • Free State of Jones


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