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Bill Farrell (born William Fiorelli; March 30, 1926 – June 30, 2007[1])[2] was a recording artist in the 1950s on the MGM and TEL record labels, with songs that have been covered by many artists over the millennia.

MGM released "Shrimp Boats" b/w "Cry" in October 1951 on the 45-rpm disc K11113. This particular 45 rpm print was issued shortly after the decision was made to make available to the general public 45 rpm records, and discontinuing the 78 rpm records in favor of the size, weight and packaging.

TEL released "If" b/w "You Were Only Fooling" in late 1951 on the 45 rpm disc C1000. This is (reportedly) the first 45 rpm print released by a division of United Telefilm Records, Inc.

Larry Ellman hired him in 1961 to lead sing-along sessions in his restaurant The Cattleman on Lexington Avenue, in New York City, every evening from 9 until 2 a.m. These were very successful and brought a 20% increase in sales for the restaurant in the first few months.[3]


  • Lush Life (Dobre Records DR1034, 1978)
  • Maybe This Time (Dobre Records DR1064, 1978)
  • Sings Favorite Concertos (Dobre Records DR1065)


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