Bill Fay (album)

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Bill Fay
Bill Fay (album).jpg
Studio album by Bill Fay
Released 1970
Genre Progressive folk
Length 40:27
Label Deram Records
Producer Peter Arden & Bill Fay
Bill Fay chronology
Bill Fay
Time of the Last Persecution

Bill Fay was the debut album of progressive folk singer Bill Fay released in 1970, by Deram Records. The album was re-released in 2005 with the addition of the 1967 single "Some Good Advice" and its b-side "Screams in the Ears". The album cover features a photograph of Fay stood in water beside a lake in Hyde Park.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Bill Fay.

1."Garden Song"3:13
2."The Sun is Bored"2:32
3."We Want You To Stay"3:33
4."Narrow Way"2:48
5."We Have Laid Here"2:28
6."Sing Us One Your Songs May"2:50
7."Gentle Willie"3:15
8."Methane River"2:57
9."The Room"1:57
10."Goodnight Stan"2:05
11."Cannons Plain"2:26
12."Be Not So Fearful"2:46
13."Down To The Bridge"1:56
2005 Electra re-issue bonus tracks
14."Screams In The Ears"3:23
15."Some Good Advice"2:21


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