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William Henry Ferguson BEM (1880 – 22 September 1957) is one of the best known cricket scorers. For 52 years from 1905 until his death, Ferguson acted as the scorer and baggageman for Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand[1] in 43 tours and 208 Test matches.

He is often credited with two of the most revolutionary innovations in scoring. He developed the radial scoring chart which show the directions in which a batsman scored his runs. Originally called Ferguson's charts, they are now popularly known as 'wagon-wheels'. He was one of the first scorers to use a linear system of scoring which, unlike the conventional system, keeps track of the balls faced by a batsman and off a particular bowler.[2]

He received the British Empire Medal in 1951. He published his autobiography Mr Cricket a few months before his death.


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