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Bill Freiberger is a writer and producer for such shows as The Simpsons, Drawn Together, and The PJs.

TV series' episodes written by Freiberger[edit]

  • Get a Life
    • "Roots"
    • "Paper Boy 2000"
  • Charlie Hoover
    • "Anniversary"
  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (live action)
    • "It's a Totally Wonderful Life"
  • Herman's Head
    • "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Dying"
    • "Guns 'n' Neurosis"
    • "Twisted Sister"
    • "Sperm 'n' Herman"
    • "The Waterton-gate Break-In"
    • "The One Wherein They Go on the Love Boat"
    • "Cat's in the Cradle"
    • "Love and the Single Parent"
    • "When Hermy Met Crawford's Daughter"
    • "When Hairy Met Hermy"
    • "When Hermy Met Maureen McCormick"
    • "When Hermie Met Crawford's Girlfriend"
  • Hardball
    • "My Name is Hard B"
    • "The Butt Winnick Story"
  • Thunder Alley
    • "Workin' Man's Blues"
  • Men Behaving Badly (a.k.a. It's a Man's World)
    • "I Am What I Am"
    • "Sarah's Vestigial Organ"
  • The Simpsons
  • The PJs
    • "The HJs"
    • "How the Super Stoled Christmas"
    • "Rich Man, Porn Man"
    • "Operation Gumbo Drop"
  • Drawn Together
    • "Tim and Xandir, Sitting in a Tree..."
    • "Ghosteses in the Slot Machine"
    • "Terms of Endearment"


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