Bill Hoogs Jr.

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William H. Hoogs Jr.
Country (sports) United States United States
Born 1940
Died 1978
Grand Slam Singles results
French Open 4R (1965)
Wimbledon 2R (1963, 1966)
US Open 3R (1961)

William H. Hoogs Jr. (1940 - 1978) was a tennis player from the United States.[1]


Hoogs formed a strong doubles combination at UC Berkeley with Jim McManus. The pair were doubles runners-up at the 1961 NCAA Championships.[2]

Together with McManus, Hoogs won doubles titles at the 1961 National Hard Court Championships and the Canadian Open in 1962.[3]

As a singles player, Hoogs notably reached the fourth round at the 1965 French Championships and only narrowly missed out on a spot in the quarter-finals, losing to Toomas Leius 7-9 in the fifth set.[1]


Hoogs had his leg amputated in 1968, after developing a malignant growth on his foot. The cancer claimed his life in 1978.[4]


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