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Bill L. Norton is an American film director, writer and producer. He also has directed many television series, among them Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, John Doe, Hack, Las Vegas, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Lincoln Heights and Roswell.

He is the son of screenwriter William W. Norton, who was convicted in 1986 of importing arms to Northern Ireland for the IRA and the INLA.[1]

Sometimes he is credited as B.W.L. Norton, Bill Norton or William Lloyd Norton.



Year Name Director Writer
1964 How to Succeed with Girls No Yes
1972 Cisco Pike Yes Yes
1977 Outlaw Blues No Yes
1978 Convoy No Yes
1979 More American Graffiti Yes Yes
1983 Losin' It No Yes
1985 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Yes No
1987 Back to the Beach No Story
Three for the Road Yes No
Other credits
Year Name
Uncredited camera operator
1965 Girl Happy
1966 The Chase
The Fortune Cookie
1973 Messiah of Evil


Year Name Episode(s)
1972 Gargoyles (TV Movie)
1985-1986 The Twilight Zone "Teacher's Aide", ''Monsters!"
1987-1989 Tour of Duty Directing & producing: ''Pilot'', ''Notes from the Underground'' (also wrote), ''Brothers, Fathers, and Sons'' (also wrote), ''Battling Baker Brothers'' (also wrote), ''Pushin' Too Hard'', ''Soldiers'', ''Angel of Mercy''
Only director: ''Saigon: Part 1'', Saigon: Part 2", ''Popular Forces''
Only co-executive producer: ''Dislocations'', ''War Lover'', '' Sitting Ducks'', ''Burn Baby, Burn'', ''The Good, the Bad, and the Dead'', ''Nowhere to Run'', ''Roadrunner'', ''USO Down'', ''Under Siege'', ''Gray-Brown Odyssey'', ''Blood Brothers'', ''The Short Timer'', ''Paradise Lost'', ''The Hill''
1990 Grand Slam Directing: ''Grand Slam'', ''Chop Shop''
Executive producer: ''Who's Crazy?''
Angel of Death (TV Movie)
1991 False Arrest (TV Movie)
1992 The Boys of Twilight "A Bend in the River"
Crossroads Urknown episodes
1993 Seaquest DSV ''Brothers and Sisters'', ''Give Me Liberte''
1994 Hercules: The Legendary ''Hercules and the Amazon Women'', ''Hercules in the Underworld'',
1995 The Women of Spring Break (TV Movie)
Deadly Whispers (TV Movie)
Stolen Innocence (TV Movie)
1996 Gone in the Night (TV Movie)
Them (TV Movie)
Vows of Deception (TV Movie)
1997 A Deadly Vision (TV Movie)
Our Mother's Murder (TV Movie)
Bad to the Bone (TV Movie)
1998 Every Mother's Worst Fear (TV Movie)
Thirst (TV Movie)
1998-1999 Vengeance Unlimited ''Justice'', ''Legalese''
1999 Sons of Thunder ''Moment of Truth''
A Crime of Passion (TV Movie)
2000 Profiler ''Quid Pro Quo'', ''Pianissimo''
The Fugitive ''Sanctuary''
2000-2001 Roswell ''The End of the World'', ''Control''
2001 FreakyLinks ''Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Streams''
The Invisible Man ''Going Postal'', ''Den of Thieves'', ''Flash to Bang''
2001-2003 Angel ''Happy Anniversary'', ''That Vision Thing'', ''Provider'', ''Supersymmetry'', ''Calvary'', ''Life of the Party''
2002 Buffy the Vampire Slayer ''Two to Go''
Pasadena ''Someone to Talk To''
Haunted ''Last Call''
John Doe ''Past Imperfect''
2003 Hack ''Sinners and Saints''
2004 The Guardian ''Amends'', ''Remember''
2005 Medium ''Coded'', ''A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk Into an Execution Chamber''
Threshold ''Pulse''
Ghost Whisperer ''Hope and Mercy''
2005-2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent ''Ex Stasis'', ''Slither'', ''Country Crossover''
2006-2009 The Unit ''Unannounced'', ''Silver Star'', ''Two Coins'', ''Inside Out'', ''Bad Beat''
2007 Heartland ''Picking Up Little Things''
2007-2009 Lincoln Heights ''Missing'', ''The Old Man and the G'', ''Ode to Joy'', ''Persons of Interest''
2008 Las Vegas ''Three Weddings and a Funeral: Part 1''
Generation Gap (TV Movie)


  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2005)


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