Bill Lewis III

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Bill Lewis III
Guiding Light character
Portrayed by Renald White (1984–86)
Bryan Buffington (1989–98)
Ryan Brown (1998–2001)
Daniel Cosgrove (2002–05, 2007–09)
Duration 1984–86, 1989–2005, 2007–09
First appearance November 28, 1984
Last appearance September 18, 2009
Created by Pamela K. Long and Jeff Ryder
Occupation Executive at Lewis Construction
Former Part owner of Lewis-Spaulding Enterprises (formerly Maximus, Inc.)
Headed the Main St. Renovation project
Formerly CEO of Lewis Construction
Former Executive at Lewis Oil
Stockholder at Spaulding Enterprises
Former Partner in Slingshot Enterprises
Formerly Danny Santos' campaign manager
Former President of Lewis Construction
Temporarily owned WSPR-TV
Former Computer programmer at SanCorp
Former Lifeguard at the Country Club
Residence The Beacon Hotel

Bill Lewis III is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light. He has been portrayed by Daniel Cosgrove from 2002 to 2005 and 2007 to 2009.

Character history[edit]

Harlan Billy "Bill" Lewis III is the only son (and only child) of Harlan Billy "Billy" Lewis II and Vanessa Chamberlain. He is the half-brother of Melinda Sue "Mindy" Lewis and Dylan Lewis through Billy and Dinah Marler and Maureen Reardon through Vanessa. He was married to Elizabeth "Beth" Raines and is currently married to her daughter Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding. He was also married to Olivia Spencer and Ava Peralta, who are mother and daughter, as well.