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William “Bill” McInturff is a Republican pollster, a partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies[1], a national political and public affairs survey research firm. Public Opinion Strategies currently represents 12 U.S. Senators, six governors, and 59 Members of Congress[2].

Bill, along with Hart Research Associates, conducts The NBC News/The Wall Street Journal Poll[3].

The focus of much of Bill's work has been health care, having completed more than 500 focus groups and more than 200 national surveys on this topic alone. His work includes testing the Harry and Louise commercials that were run against the Clinton health care plan of 1993.

Additionally, Bill has conducted groundbreaking research on Medicare reform[4], juvenile justice reform, genetic testing, school choice, tort reform, health care policy, and a host of other policy issues.

His prior experiences include 'hands on' campaign management experience at the local, congressional, and the presidential level. He also held senior positions with the Republican national party committees prior to entering the field of survey research.

Bill is a regularly quoted source on the topic of American politics. He has appeared on Meet the Press[5], multiple other political and cable shows, and is frequently quoted in a variety of national news magazines and major newspapers.


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