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Bill Morrow is the current CEO of Australian government-owned corporation NBN Co and since 21 March 2012 the CEO of Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) [1]

Prior to VHA he was the CEO of US telecommunications company Clearwire and held this position from 9 March 2009[2] to 10 March 2011, when he resigned for "personal reasons."[3][4][5] Previously, he was the President and CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, until he resigned in 2008.[6]

For the previous 10 years he was affiliated with Vodafone Group PLC, resigning from his position as CEO Europe on 24 July 2006.[7] Prior to joining Vodafone, Morrow was located on the outskirts of California’s Silicon Valley and managed a variety of functions within Pacific Bell.

Morrow was appointed President of Vodafone UK on 1 April 2005. Prior to this appointment, he was Chief Executive of Vodafone UK Ltd. and before taking this position in the UK, he was President of Japan Telecom.


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