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Bill O'Hanlon, M.S., is psychotherapist, author, and speaker. He co-developed Solution-Oriented Therapy,[1] a form of Solution focused brief therapy and has authored or co-authored over 30 books (ranging from brief therapy for various clinical topics to those about publishing). He is also a musician who plays guitar and has written several songs available online.[2]

O'Hanlon was a psychology student at Arizona State University in 1973, when he met the psychiatrist and hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson at the Matthews Art Gallery on campus. After that encounter, O'Hanlon tracked down and read every article by Dr. Erickson, and after writing Erickson a letter in 1977, he became Erickson's gardener in exchange for Erickson teaching O'Hanlon hypnosis and psychotherapy.

O'Hanlon went on to become an advocate, translator and teacher of Ericksonian therapy and hypnosis around the world, presenting over 3,000 talks, including the first presentation on Erickson's work in Finland.



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