Bill Walsh College Football '95

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Bill Walsh College Football '95
Bill Walsh College Football 95 Coverart.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) High Score Productions
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Designer(s) Scott Orr
Kevin Hogan
Jim Simmons
Composer(s) Joel Simmons
Jim Simmons
Series NCAA Football
Platform(s) Sega Genesis
  • NA: June 1, 1994
Genre(s) Sports (American football)
Mode(s) Single-player

Bill Walsh College Football '95 is a video game of the sports genre released in 1994 by EA Sports, and a follow-up to Bill Walsh College Football.


It features former NFL and then Stanford Cardinal football head coach Bill Walsh on the cover and several Stanford players. It also features the 1993 rosters of the college football teams featured.



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Review scores
Publication Score
AllGame 3.5/5 stars
GamePro 4.5/5 stars