Bille (Elbe)

Coordinates: 53°32′24″N 10°1′27″E / 53.54000°N 10.02417°E / 53.54000; 10.02417
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Bille at Grander Mühle
Physical characteristics
 • locationSchleswig-Holstein
 • location
 • coordinates
53°32′24″N 10°1′27″E / 53.54000°N 10.02417°E / 53.54000; 10.02417
Length65 km (213,000 ft)
Basin features
ProgressionElbeNorth Sea

The river Bille (German pronunciation: [ˈbɪlə] ) is a small, slow-flowing German river in Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, a right tributary of the Elbe. Its source is near Linau, north of the heathland Hahnheide forest. It then flows south of Trittau, representing the border between Stormarn and Lauenburg, continues south of Reinbek and reaches the river Elbe near Billwerder. A lot of old estates and tasteful parks are laid out along its riverbank. Its total length is 65 km. Sections of the Bille which flow near or inside the Sachsenwald forest are protected by the Billetal nature reserve.

The Bille is one of three rivers which flow through the city of Hamburg, the other two being the Elbe and the Alster.


The upper Bille drains a wide catchment area with many brooks and small stretches of water. Main tributaries are the Corbek feeding the Bille near Witzhave and the Schwarze Au at Aumühle, having drained wide parts of the large Sachsenwald forest.



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