Billiatt Conservation Park

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Billiatt Conservation Park
South Australia
Billiatt Conservation Park is located in South Australia
Billiatt Conservation Park
Billiatt Conservation Park
Nearest town or city Alawoona
Coordinates 34°59′20″S 140°28′52″E / 34.98889°S 140.48111°E / -34.98889; 140.48111Coordinates: 34°59′20″S 140°28′52″E / 34.98889°S 140.48111°E / -34.98889; 140.48111
Established 12 December 1940[1]
Area 802 hectares (1,980 acres)[1]
Managing authorities Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
See also Protected areas of South Australia

Billiatt Conservation Park is a protected area in South Australia midway between Alawoona and Lameroo, approximately 200 km east of Adelaide city centre.


The country is characterised by sand dunes with a mosaic of open mallee scrub. Ridge-fruited and red-tipped slender leaf mallees add colour to the dunes with broombush growing in the mottled shade.[2]

The conservation park is classified as an IUCN Category Ia protected area.[3]

The conservation park occupies in land in the gazetted locality of Sandalwood.[4]


Pygmy possums and eighteen species of reptile inhabit the park.[5]

Recognition by non-government organisations[edit]

Billiatt Conservation Park is part of an area of land considered by BirdLife International to be an Important Bird Area because it contains small but globally important populations of malleefowl, mallee emu-wren and purple-gaped honeyeater, as well as the rare western whipbird and red-lored whistler.[6]

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