Billy's Best!

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Billy's Best!
Billy's Best!.jpeg
Studio album by Billy Eckstine
Released 1958 (1958)
Genre Jazz
Label Mercury
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Billy's Best!
Billy Eckstine's Imagination

Billy's Best! is a 1958 album by American jazz and blues singer Billy Eckstine. The album was released by Mercury Records, and was his first release for the label.

Arranged and conducted by Henry Mancini and Pete Rugolo, the lush, romantic arrangements featuring strings and woodwinds along with the big band arrangements featuring swinging brass, provide a perfect setting for Eckstine's voice. Among the notable tracks are Stella by Starlight, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, You Don't Know What Love Is and Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart.

Not the greatest-hits compilation many listeners think it is, Billy's Best! is in fact a full LP of newly recorded music.

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