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Billy Barber is a keyboardist and composer. He is the son of pianist and William C. Barber, also known as Bill Barber Sr.

He is most noted for the theme song for All My Children in the 1990s as well as keyboardist for the jazz group Flim & the BB's with Jimmy Johnson (bassist) and Bill Berg. His song "Little Things" has been covered by The Oak Ridge Boys along with "Love is Worth the Pain" which was covered by Ray Charles. He has composed music for children's videos, and numerous television and radio series including American Chronicles, Face the Nation and The Splendid Table.

He continues to create music that spans the genres of new age, jazz and folk. His family includes his wife Mary, and his three children, Julia, Chris, and Grace.


  • Debb Johnson (1969) Monolith Records
  • Ice Water Leo Kottke (1974) Capitol Records
  • Dreams and All That Stuff Leo Kottke (1974) Capitol Records
  • Chewing Pine Leo Kottke (1975) Capitol Records
  • The Best - Leo Kottke (1976) Capitol Records
  • Lighthouse (1986) DMP Records
  • Shades of Gray (1986) DMP Records
  • Taste of DMP (1989) DMP Records
  • The Crossing - Red River (1998)
  • Bouncing Shoes (2001)
  • Hello On the Go (2003) Music Workshop for Kids
  • Flying Home - Bill Camplin (2003)

With Flim & the BB's:

  • Flim & the BB's (1978) DMP Records
  • Tricycle (1983) DMP Records
  • Tunnel (1984) DMP Records
  • Big Notes (1985) DMP Records
  • Neon (1987) DMP Records
  • The Further Adventures of Flim & the BB's (1988) DMP Records
  • New Pants (1990) Warner Bros.
  • Vintage/best of (1992) DMP Records
  • This Is A Recording (1992) Warner Bros.
  • Tricycle (SACD reissue) (1999) DMP Records
  • Composed, performed, and edited in various "themes" to a noted series of 15 early "Lone Star" Westerns starring a young John Wayne; movie titles include "BLUE STEEL," "PARADISE CANYON," and "RANDY RIDES ALONE"


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