Billy Dickson

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Billy Dickson
Occupation Cinematographer, television director
Years active 1980–present

Billy Dickson is an American cinematographer and television director.

As a cinematographer he is best known for his work on the television series Ally McBeal,[1] for which he was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series in 2001 and 2002.[2] He was also a cinematographer for numerous television films and photographed the television series The Big Easy, Hidden Hills and 12 Miles of Bad Road.[3]

As a television director, he directed episodes of Ally McBeal, One Tree Hill and the reality series Majors & Minors.[3] In 2008, Dickson created the internet television series IQ-145, starring Thomas Dekker and Lindsey McKeon. Dickson also directed, edited, photographed and wrote all the episodes for the series.[4]


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