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Billy Goat
Billy Goat.jpg
Billy Goat, 1992. L-R: Mike Dillion, Kim Pruitt, Earl Harvin, Phil Major, Brandon Smith and Kenny Withrow.
Background information
Origin Denton, Texas
Years active 1989 (1989)–1997
Labels Third Rail Records, Mercy Records
Associated acts Hairy Apes BMX, Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle, Ten Hands, Whitey

Billy Goat was a band playing rock, funk and Latin styles from 1989 to 1997. Originating in Denton, Texas, Billy Goat was popular in the Dallas and Austin scenes[1] including Deep Ellum and became known for its wild stage antics including playing naked.[2] During an interview in 2000 front-man Mike Dillon reflected on the Billy Goat days:

"A lot of people thought we were just straight-up fucking losers and that we were sexist because we got naked. But it wasn't like it is now with all those bands saying, 'Hey, bitches, get up on stage and show us your tits.' It was more like, 'Hey, guys, anyone want to pull their dick out with me and do some male bonding?'"[3]

One published reason for disbanding was turmoil caused from a tour van crash.[2] Putting music ahead of antics, the band reformed with a new line-up in Kansas City prior to the 1995 release, Black and White.[3] The more recent project of Dillon, Go-Go Jungle, has ties to Billy Goat's second incarnation including band members Go-Go Ray and J.J. Richards.[4]

Band members[edit]

  • Mike Dillon - percussion, vocals (1989–97)
  • Kim Pruitt - dance, vocals (1989–97)
  • Philip Andrew Major AKA "Phillygoat" - guitar, vocals
  • Kenny Withrow - guitar
  • Brandon Smith - bass, vocals
  • Earl Harvin Jr. - drums
  • Sydney Madden - guitar, vocals (1993–97)
  • Zac Baird - keyboards, vocals (1993–96)
  • Eric Korb - guitar (1989)
  • Mike Malinin - Drums (1989)
  • Seth Moody - bass, vocals
  • Steve Roehm - drums
  • Jonas Shelton - guitar
  • J.J. Richards - bass (1994–97)
  • Go-Go Ray - drums (1994–97)


  • Bush Roaming Mammals 1992
  • Live at the Swinger's Ball 1994
  • Black and White 1995


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