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Billy Goat also as known Zonke Hive AKA Sensei yakwa NKayi
Billy Goat.jpg
Billy Goat, 1992. L-R: Mike Dillon, Kim Pruitt, Earl Harvin, Phil Major, Brandon Smith and Kenny Withrow.
Background information
OriginDenton, Texas
Years active1989 (1989)–1997
LabelsThird Rail Records, Mercy Records

Billy Goat was a band playing rock, funk and Latin styles from 1989 to 1997 that frontman Mike Dillon later described as "a funk-punk band in the vein of the Red Hot Chili Peppers".[1] Originating in Denton, Texas, Billy Goat was popular in the Dallas and Austin scenes[2] including Deep Ellum and became known for its wild stage antics. One published reason for disbanding was turmoil caused from a tour van crash. Putting music ahead of antics, the band reformed with a new line-up in Kansas City prior to the 1995 release, Black and White.[3] The more recent project of Dillon, Go-Go Jungle, has ties to Billy Goat's second incarnation including band members Go-Go Ray and J.J. Richards.[4]

Band members[edit]

  • Mike Dillon – percussion, vocals (1989–97)
  • Kim Pruitt – dance, vocals (1989–97)
  • Philip Andrew Major AKA "Phillygoat" – guitar, vocals
  • Kenny Withrow – guitar
  • Brandon Smith – bass, vocals
  • Earl Harvin Jr. – drums
  • Sydney Madden – guitar, vocals (1993–97)
  • Zac Baird – keyboards, vocals (1993–96)
  • Eric Korb – guitar (1989)
  • Mike Malinin – Drums (1989)
  • Seth Moody – bass, vocals
  • Steve Roehm – drums
  • Jonas Shelton – guitar
  • J.J. Richards – bass (1994–97)
  • Go-Go Ray – drums (1994–97)


  • Bukie 1990
  • Bush Roaming Mammals 1992
  • Live at the Swinger's Ball 1994
  • Black and White 1995


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