Billy Karren

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Billy Karren
Also known as Billy Boredom
Genres Punk
Occupation(s) musician
Years active 1985-present
Labels Bikini Kill Records
Associated acts Bikini Kill
The Go Team
Comet Gain
The Frumpies

William Francis "Billy" Karren is an American musician , best known as the lead guitarist of the punk band Bikini Kill, formed by Kathleen Hanna, first seeking out Tobi Vail to contribute to the band with Billy Karren and Kathi Wilcox,[1] creating art to expose what they believed was wrong with century old traditions and classes made from society, including white skin privilege, class and gender, and sexuality. He was also active in many other music projects including: The Go Team,[2] The Frumpies, Corrections, and Spray Painted Love.


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