Billy Kincaid

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Billy Kincaid
Billy Kincaid.jpg
Billy Kincaid's first appearance in Spawn #5
Publication information
PublisherImage Comics
First appearanceSpawn #5 (October 1992)
Created byTodd McFarlane
In-story information
Full nameWilliam Kincaid
Team affiliationsHell
Notable aliasesMr. Chill-ee (professional name)
AbilitiesWhile alive: none
As Hellspawn: unknown
As ghost: possession, power of suggestion, harnessing of souls

Billy Kincaid (/kɪnˈkd/) is a fictional supervillain in Todd McFarlane's Spawn comic book series. He is a child killer and a recurring villain in the series.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Kiddie Killer[edit]

In Spawn #5, Kincaid is released from a mental institution, where he had been placed because he was suspected of murdering several children. The most notable of the cases, and the only one Kincaid was actually charged with, was the disappearance and murder of a senator's daughter. In his previous life as Al Simmons, Spawn had been hired to kill Kincaid, but had arrived just as Kincaid was apprehended by the police and so was unable to complete the mission.[1]

Upon his release from the institution, Kincaid immediately goes back to kidnapping and murdering children by luring them into his ice cream truck. He kills a child before Spawn gives him a fitting, but gruesome death: stabbed with an ice cream scooper, and popsicle sticks, with a note pinned to his torso.[2] Spawn hangs his bloody corpse in the precinct office of detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams, who had been investigating Kincaid, the note reading: "Boys screamed and girls screamed. So I made him scream, and scream, and scream..." Both Sam and Twitch are consequently blamed for the gruesome incident and put on probation, though this is eventually cleared.

In Hell[edit]

Kincaid wakes up in Hell, in a necro-tree pod. He meets a team of people and they travel together. As each are taken one by one by demons, until only Kincaid and a little girl is left. While trying to strangle the girl, she reveals herself to be The Vindicator, brother of The Violator. The Vindicator gives Kincaid a "tour" of Hell and the various spheres of Hell in a giant tower. He leads Kincaid to the Eighth Circle of Hell, the place where Al Simmons made a deal with Malebolgia to become a Hellspawn. Kincaid is fitted with K3-Myrlu, a necroplasm-based, female, symbiote suit, which The Vindicator says "likes" Kincaid. The suit sexually bonds herself to Kincaid. He is then informed that he is now an officer, in the service of Satan's Army.

In Spawn #53, Spawn returns to Hell, where he battles the newly empowered Kincaid. It is a quick battle, as Spawn easily defeats Kincaid and severs his head.

Kincaid's Return[edit]

After a series of seemingly senseless and brutal crimes, Spawn (with the aid of Sam, Twitch, and his mentor, Cogliostro) discovers that Kincaid's ghost is forcing people into acting out their most violent impulses. These senseless crimes hit close to home, as a number of homeless people are savagely murdered. Spawn and the detectives are helpless to stop Kincaid as he jumps from body to body and continues to indirectly cause these senseless crimes. With each murder, Kincaid not only damns the innocent souls coerced into committing the crimes, but grows stronger himself. Eventually, Spawn leads Kincaid, inhabiting a police officer, into the Dead Zone, an area of the bowery where Heaven reigns supreme and Hell has no power. Now depowered, both Spawn and Kincaid fight each other hand-to-hand. During the melee, Twitch fires a single shot into the cop's forehead, killing the cop and the depowered Kincaid simultaneously.

Kincaid makes another brief appearance as a denizen of Hell in Spawn #100, as Spawn passes him on the way to battle Malebolgia.

Issue #150[edit]

Kincaid reappeared in Spawn #150 to torment Christopher, the lost soul sealed within Spawn's heart. Christopher is given the form and powers of a Hellspawn by the mysterious Man of Miracles, and eventually runs afoul of Kincaid, who operates a toystore filled with Spawn action figures. In later issues, Christopher confronts Kincaid again at a diabolical carnival revealed to be a portal to Hell. Kincaid forces Christopher to watch every murder he commits. Christopher's eyes burn out of their sockets, and his female, necroplasmic uniform then tears Kincaid apart, protecting her beloved host.

Appearances in other media[edit]

  • Billy Kincaid was featured heavily in the first season of the HBO animated series Todd McFarlane's Spawn. In the series (voiced by Ronnie Cox), he was a senator's son and was protected by his remorseful father and Jason Wynn. Clown gave Kincaid Cyan's address and he kidnapped her, and was later beaten by Spawn, who then takes Cyan home safely. At the end, Clown angrily kills the mortally wounded Billy with a gun after seeing Spawn leaving him for dead rather than kill him himself, much to Clown's frustration and dismay.[3]
  • Kincaid is the subject of American metal band Iced Earth's song "Vengeance Is Mine". He is also featured in the song "Living in the End" off of the album All Sides by the jamband O.A.R.[4]

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