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Billy Kountz was an early football player for the Allegheny Athletic Association. Although the team's guard, Kountz also served as the team's manager in 1892, after the resignation of O. D. Thompson which took place after the 1891 season. Kountz played for Allegheny from 1891 until 1894.

In October 1891, Kountz, along with Allegheny's quarterback A.S. Valentine played for Shady Side Academy in a 26-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Athletic Club.

After Allegheny 6-6 tie against their rivial, the Pittsburgh Athletic Club on October 21, 1892, told the Pittsburgh media that Allegheny would not be using any "ringers" for a November rematch. However on the day of the rematch between the two clubs, Sport Donnelly, Ed Malley and William "Pudge" Heffelfinger of the Chicago Athletic Association Football team appeared in the Allegheny line-up. However when a threat of a walk-out by the Pittsburgh A.C. threatened the game, Thompson, not Kountz, represented Allegheny during the negotiations.

In 1894 Allegheny and Pittsburgh played a three game series to determine the western Pennsylvania championship team. The second game of the series was scheduled for November 6. Prior to the game, an unnamed Pittsburgh player offered the team's signals to Kountz for $20. Allegheny reported the incident to Pittsburgh and the player was dealt with properly. While both team had hired ringers but this offense was considered blatant cheating and unacceptable. Kountz was on the Allegheny team that won the 1894 championship.