Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes

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Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes
Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes.jpg
Directed by Mark McNabb
Produced by Kelly Irwin
Scott J. Jones
Mark McNabb.
Written by Barry Cowan
Starring Roddy Piper
Dalton Mugridge
Christopher Fazio
Music by Iain Kelso
Distributed by Artistview Entertainment
MTI Home Video
Release date
  • May 11, 2010 (2010-05-11)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Bill Owens and the Secret of the Runes is a 2010 fantasy film, a sequel to The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens. The low-budget film was produced as a mockbuster, capitalizing on the success of Harry Potter film series The film follows the adventures of Billy Owens and his friends Mandy and Devin, as they attempt to save the town of Spirit River from the curse of the Norse God Loki.


Billy, joined by his friends Mandy, Devin and Danny, continue their adventure from the previous movie in the series.[1] With the help of their magical professor, Mr. Thurgood, the children are still learning about their new powers. When the carnival comes to town, we learn that Professor Mould has used the children to trap the soul of Mr. Thurgood in a magical amulet. As the legend goes, inserting the amulet into the scepter will result in the unlocking of the magical powers of the scepter, and release the treasure of the god Loki.

Billy and his pals set out on a journey through dark caves and enchanted forests, as they attempt to solve the riddle of the ancient runes, and find the scepter. The whole time, being pursued by Professor Mould and his sidekick, Luke.


Release & Critical Reception[edit]

The movie was released via DVD on May 11, 2010[3] by MTI Home Video and Artistview Entertainment.

The film received mainly negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an aggregate score of 0% based on 15 user review.[4] IMDB rated the titled 4/10 stars.[5] DVD Verdict said of the movie[6] "It's a step up from the first entry (referring to The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens), but went on to say "It's worse than only 99 percent instead of 99.9 percent of all other films that get distributed". MatchFlick's Mike Thomas gave the movie 0 out of 5 stars, saying of the movie "(it's) an obvious Harry Potter rip-off".[7]


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