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Billy Six, 2014

Billy Six (born 24 December 1986) is a German journalist, documentarian and author. He began his journalist career in local newspapers. In 2011 Six started working as war reporter for German newspaper Junge Freiheit in Egypt. Since then he has covered most conflict ridden parts of the world such as Libya,[1] Syria,[2] Lebanon,[3] and Ukraine.[4] While working for Junge Freiheit, he was arrested in Syria by the al-Assad army in December 2012.[5] His release was announced by Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad and Ambassador of Russia in Damascus in a press conference at March 2013.[6][7]

Early life[edit]

Billy Six was born 1986 in East Berlin. He started his career as a business administrator and member in local parliament of Neuenhagen[8] after graduating from high school 2006. He traveled to more than 70 countries.

Arrested in Venezuela[edit]

Billy Six was arrested in Venezuela on 17.11.2018 by the Venezuelan secret service SEBIN at the beach hotel "Los Taques" in Punto Fijo, Venezuela, and has since been detained in the intelligence prison of the SEBIN "El Helicoide" in Caracas.

On 18.11.2018 he was told that he should be charged with "espionage", "rebellion" and "violation of security zones" before a military court. His family rejects these allegations and say they are without foundation.

Billy Six has been denied any contact with a lawyer, German Embassy or family since his detention. The German Embassy in Caracas has been trying in vain to get a visitor's permit. So far, the embassy has only confirmed the arrest of Billy orally. On a Facebook page his mother and father writes that Billy Six had become infected with dengue fever before he was imprisoned and that he is refused medicine.

Since Thursday, 13.12.2018 Billy Six has gone on a hunger strike.[9] [10][11]

Publishing career[edit]

Six has written for several newspapers and various print magazines, including D Magazine, Junge Freiheit,[12] esoteric, conspiracy Magazin Raum & Zeit,[13] Globetrotter,[14] and Preußische Allgemeine.

Six had been working for around a year in Ukraine, covering the conflict and lightening[clarification needed] MH17 (interviewing 100 witnesses), and documented all kind of evidence. He was interviewed by the BBC in the documentary Conspiracy Files: Who Shot Down MH17 (May 2016).[15]

Six also covered the refugee crisis in Europe. He contributed research in the border area between Greece and Macedonia, also at Budapest main station or Freilassing border crossing into Germany. He was traveling a month with the refugees; his results were published by Junge Freiheit TV: ″The Refugee Deception″.[16]



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