Billy and Blaze

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Billy and Blaze
Billy and Blaze book cover
Author Clarence William Anderson
Country United States
Language English
Series Billy and Blaze
Genre Fiction

Picture book
Publisher Collier Books, Later, Macmillan, Later Aladdin Paperbacks
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 0-689-71608-7
OCLC 24247447
[E] 20
LC Class PZ7.A524 Bi 1992
Followed by Blaze and the Gypsies

Billy and Blaze was written and illustrated in 1936 by Clarence William Anderson. It is the first of a series of eleven books and is Anderson's most well known work. The book is about a little boy, Billy, and his pony, Blaze, who he receives as a birthday gift in this book. The adventures of Billy and Blaze revolved around proper care of the horse, while teaching a lesson. Anderson would go to great lengths to give accurate information. Some other titles in the series are Blaze and the Gypsies, Blaze and the Forest Fire, and Blaze Finds the Way. All of the titles in the series included full-page illustrations and easy to read text.

A complete list of the books in the series and the publication dates is as follows:

  • Billy and Blaze (1936)
  • Blaze and the Gypsies (1937)
  • Blaze and the Forest Fire (1938)
  • Blaze Finds the Trail (1950)
  • Blaze and Thunderbolt (1955)
  • Blaze and the Mountain Lion (1959)
  • Blaze and the Indian Cave (1964)
  • Blaze and the Lost Quarry (1966)
  • Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony (1968)
  • Blaze Shows the Way (1969)
  • Blaze Finds Forgotten Roads (1970)

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