Bilozerska coal mine

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Bilozerska coal mine
Location Bilozerske
Oblast Donetsk Oblast
Country Ukraine
Products Coal
Production 975,000
Opened 1954
Company DTEK

The Bilozerska coal mine is a large coal mine located in the south-east of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast. The mine was put into operation in 1954 with annual production capacity of 1 million tons. Bilozerska represents one of the largest coal reserve in Ukraine having estimated reserves of 80.4 million tonnes of coal.[1] In 2003 the mine produced 898.9 thousand tons of coal. The extent of underground workings is 82.6/80 km (1996/1999). As per 1999 data, number of employees was 2632 persons, including 1615 underground workers. The annual coal production is around 975,000 tonnes.


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