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Directed by Bade Hj Azmi
Written by Tengku Adrian Ismail
Starring Rosyam Nor
Que Haidar
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Malaysia
Language Malay

Bilut is a 2006 Malaysian historical film written by Tengku Adrian Ismail (TAd) and directed by Badaruddin Azmi (Bade Hj Azmi).


In 1960, Yazid, together with his friend Rosli and a few other settlers arrived in Lurah Bilut, which they regarded as the land of exploration and opportunity. Things weren't easy for them to get their settlements going and their confidence was first put to the test with the death of Rosli who was hit by a falling tree.

From then onwards, they had to go through various hardships and tribulations– wild animals that share their habitat, natural disaster of storm and flood, and life with the society that emerged there. Yazid’s most unbearable challenge was when his third child, Yamin, died after being attacked by a tiger.

Yusof, Yazid's son excelled in his study and became the first settler’s son to have been awarded a scholarship to study abroad. It was in Brussels that Yusof knew life better, meets many new people, including his Filipino best friend, Gabriel, deals with love and loss, and grows.
In 2006, Gabriel, now a filmmaker, comes to Malaysia to do a study on the success and contribution of FELDA to both Malaysians and its economy. Gabriel meets up with Yusof who is now an executive in FELDA for his docu-drama project. Yusof takes Gabriel to the FELDA settlement and shows him the fruit of hard work of the early FELDA settlers.